Report crime using the Child ALERT Hotline

Use the Child ALERT browser plug-in so that you and your children will not have to view unwanted sexual content.

Computer users sometimes access Internet sites that contain child sex abuse images – either by accident or design. Sometimes these can come as part of what appears to be an innocent site or via a "pop up."  It is illegal to view child pornography and law enforcement agencies are very serious about monitoring this activity and prosecuting where they find evidence.

For your own safety and that of family members we encourage you to use the free, safe, easy and effective way to deal with a situation where child pornography sites appear on your computer. The Child ALERT Hotline will not only make the site disappear but will also automatically send a report to ECPAT Child ALERT so the site can be inspected by the Department of Internal Affairs. Any sites proven to contain child sex abuse images can then be blocked.

Remember that, every image of child pornography is the image of a crime. Each image of a child being sexually abused is evidence of criminal act.   

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The photographs on this website are of models and do not depict victims of child sexual exploitation.