Where we are making a difference ...

The activities undertaken by ECPAT Child ALERT are aimed at making a contribution towards the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children.  Much of the project work is ongoing and includes creating public awareness, education, information sharing, monitoring and reporting on various aspects of sexual abuse of children, networking with government agencies and with other non-government organisations.

ECPAT Child ALERT also addresses specific projects such as those listed under the tabs on the left.  Some topics are driven by circumstance,
others relate to our mandate and desire to mobilise support.  Beyond this, as resources allow, research is undertaken to gain insight into issues and evolving patterns so that we can inform policy makers and care providers.

Whichever category of project, our aim is to make a difference and to be effective in protecting children from sexual abuse.


If you are aware of a particular project or research opportunity that would make a contribution to our aims and objectives we would be pleased to hear from you!


The photographs on this website are of models and do not depict victims of child sexual exploitation.