Introducing a new safe, fun website for children to learn how to stay safe on the Internet.

We are all aware that children are getting computer skills at earlier ages and the fun and information available to them is enormous and the Internet is a great place of learning.

However as youngsters grow in their use of the Internet they need to become aware of what to do if they are exposed to a site that may cause discomfort or confusion. There are many filters that assist in shielding the children but ultimately it is beneficial for children to become educated and able to make good choices based on their understanding.

Of course it is important also for parents and care-givers to be informed and aware of what the children are accessing and to dialogue with them about the varying types of information that will be available as they explore the web.

We are offering a free, fun, safe, non-scary programme for primary school age children in the form of an interactive game that gently leads children into making sound choices. This is featured on a bookmark that provides a hard copy reminder and a prompt as it has safety tips for both children and parents.


The photographs on this website are of models and do not depict victims of child sexual exploitation.