Associate Agencies

One of the DIA?s role is to make sure that New Zealand?s censorship legislation is enforced, and to help protect people from material that is injurious to the public good.
Hagar is an international Christian organisation dedicated to the protection, recovery and community integration of survivors of human rights abuse; particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation.
Netsafe is an independent, non-profit New Zealand organisation focused on online safety; helping people stay safe online by providing online safety education, advice and support. Netsafe was appointed as the approved agency to receive, assess and investigate complaints of harm caused by digital communications under the Harmful Digital Communications Act in 2015. The free service is available to all New Zealand internet users experiencing online harassment; offering help and advice to resolve complaints.
Child Matters is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse in New Zealand. Since 1994, they have been advocating for the rights of children and educating and inspiring New Zealanders to make sure that every child flourishes in a safe, stable and nurturing environment.
New Zealand Police is the lead agency responsible for reducing crime and enhancing community safety.
The Prescha Initiative aims to eliminate the social and cultural norms that facilitate human trafficking through education, awareness and art advocacy.
Rape Prevention Education (RPE) works to eliminate rape and sexual abuse through education and community work. They also provide support and information to survivors of sexual abuse and their whanau/friends through telephone information, referral and support line.
The goal of the Student Communication and Safe Practices Charitable Trust (SCSP) is to encourage positive social behaviour in children, young people and their families. SCSP uses innovative e-learning tools where students explore issues via reality style videos that allow ?low stakes? experiential learning to take place. The advice and guidance on these issues is ?best practice? advice based on our expert reference panels. We also use a number of young people reference groups to make sure our videos are current and relevant.
Family First Welfare Trust (FFWT) is an organization providing a wide range of family violence related prevention, support and intervention services as a specialist organization for Muslim, Migrant and Refugee families specifically, and to the wider New Zealand community in general. FFWR provides a toll-free domestic violence national helpline, free telephone counselling information/advice, legal support, casework and advocacy with Work and Income New Zealand and Housing New Zealand.
The Discovery Foundation is a non-profit organisation that assists young people in the development of life skills, tools and strategies that enable them to effectively cope with short- and long-term challenges. Discovery is designed to promote self-esteem and to encourage young people to reach their full potential. Discovery for Teens is 7-days, 6 nights for ages 14-18-years, offered during term break. Discovery for Kids is 2-days for children at an Intermediate level (non-residential).
Victim Support provides free emotional and practical support, information, referral to other support services and advocacy for the rights of victims. This support helps victims find strength, hope and safety in the face of grief and trauma.
Established in 1988, Inner City Women?s Group is an approved Ministry of Social Development, Department of Corrections and Ministry of Justice service provider whose mandate is to deliver group and individual programmes that help break cycles of family violence, domestic abuse, and child abuse. Inner City Women?s Group offers professional expertise, education, training and resources, such as the 1 in 3 Be Free Mobile App, that supports positive change for both victims and perpetrators of abuse and violence.
Walk the Talk provides support in attaining a better understanding of yourself, finding resolution to issues, learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, managing anger, grief, depression, and emotional pressures, improving communications and listening skills, changing old behaviour patterns and the development of new ones, discovering new ways to solve problems in the family, and improving self-esteem and self-confidence.
Family Action offers a range of services for those who have experienced abuse, trauma, and family and sexual violence. These services include counselling, outreach, women?s refuge and youth programmes. They also provide ChangeWorks programmes for youth at risk.
Best known for its 24 hour helpline, Youthline provides a wide range of counseling services including information and referrals; training and seminars; youth worker services; and research and advocacy.
Wahine Toa Rising is survivor led and supports Wahine Toa (Warrior Women) & Tamariki (Children) who have and are being exploited in the sex industry in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Freedom NZ raises awareness at community and Government levels around the issues and effects of the sex industry and human trafficking in Aotearoa.