There are four ways you can include Child ALERT (ECPAT NZ) in your will:

1. Specific Sum

This is a common form of bequest, where a specific amount is written in to your will. We recommend that you review your will regularly in light of inflation and changes to the value of your estate if you choose to nominate a specific sum to bequest.

2. Percentage of your estate

You can nominate a percentage of your estate to be gifted. By nominating a percentage of your estate, your donation keeps pace with inflation and your estate value.

3. Residue of your estate

This is the money or assets remaining from your estate after it has been divided amongst those you wish to remember. You can specify to gift the full sum, a nominated amount or a percentage of your residue estate.

4. Gift of assets or property

You can nominate to gift a property, home, shares or other assets, allowing them to be retained as a capital investment or to be sold to raise funds. If you choose to do this, we ask that you please contact us first to ensure that we are able to accept and utilise your gift in the way that you would hope.

Making a will is easy. To make or change a will, please contact your solicitor or the Public Trust Office who offer a free will service. And because your life circumstances will change, we encourage you to review your will regularly.

We also invite you to advise us, in confidence, that you have left Child ALERT a bequest in your will by filling in this form, and posting it back to us.  This gives us the opportunity to thank you in life.

Your love of children can make a real difference well beyond your lifetime. The importance of philanthropy to help make a difference to others has never been greater or more needed.  If you would like to think further about supporting Child ALERT, or have a loved one who might equally be interested in giving, please print off our Bequests pamphlet.