Surviving Shame by Natalie Thorburn’s

This article reports the findings of a study involving semi-structured interviews with a sample of eight young people who started sex work between the ages of 12 and 16. The study found that participants’ experiences with formal services were overwhelmingly negative and emotionally harmful.
1 Mar 2016

Underage Sex Workers in Aotearoa New Zealand

This paper found out that numerous teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16 are being paid for sex by men who specifically look for underage sex workers. This study shines a spotlight on the abuse-saturated world of underage sex work, and indicates that despite frequent condemnation from self-identified ‘moral guardians’ in the community, New Zealand society is failing to protect its young people from sexual abuse by older predators.
1 Jun 2015

Ultimate Challenge by Ron O’Grady. Reprinted

This book, The Ultimate Challenge, is the story of one man’s extraordinary journey through life and reveals his inner strength and courage when faced with unexpected challenges.
1 Feb 2014

Survey on the public perception on the CSEC issue in NZ

This report revealed that New Zealanders are unaware of the extent of commercial sexual exploitation of children in New Zealand. Analysis of the data revealed that most respondents underestimated the number of children exploited through prostitution and sex abuse images (child pornography). Respondents’ suggested the need for education, more awareness through media, advertising, and campaigns, as well as harsher penalties for offenders, as ways of better protecting New Zealand children.
1 Jan 2014

UPR Submission By ECPAT Child ALERT

This publication was submitted to the 18th Session of the Human Rights Council – UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW. ECPAT Child ALERT commented on New Zealand’s record of respecting the rights of the child.
1 Jun 2013

Global Monitoring-Status of action against CSEC-New Zealand Report, 2nd Edition

This publication is the Country Report Monitoring the Status of Action against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New Zealand produced by ECPAT International in collaboration with ECPAT NZ Child Alert
1 Sep 2012

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Fact Sheet

This booklet was produced by ECPAT Child ALERT with the aims of educating the NZ public on the facts of CSEC and introducing our new way of combating online child sexual abuse images through the use of Child ALERT Hotline.
1 May 2011

Speaking for Ourselves

This book provides a platform for 13 young people who were sexually exploited in Auckland to talk of their experiences, their opinions, their hopes and dreams.  Produced by ECPAT Child ALERT, the stories highlight the incredible courage and resilience of the young people involved in this project. 
1 May 2010