All too often people become aware of a situation that needs investigation – but don’t know what to do about it! If you have any evidence of either a child pornography site on the internet or children being sexually abused, this page gives you two easy and safe ways for you to report your concerns. Public awareness and public exercising their responsibilities as caring citizens combine to create an effective contribution in the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.

Child pornography includes any images of children under the age of 18 years where the image depicts children being subjected to, exposed to, involved in any sex act or photographed in any sexually suggestive or explicit way. Even cartoons and stories of such situations are criminal offences under the law.

If you know of an Internet site that contains (or you have reason to suspect it contains) illegal child sex abuse images (child pornography) use the Child ALERT Hotline as a quick and effective way of ensuring the legal authority investigating and taking the appropriate action.

Or, similary, report any instances of child sex tourism you may be aware of.  Never ignore a situation where you believe children are being sexually exploited – you owe it to children everywhere to take action!

If you are aware of a child being abused sexually or otherwise, your first point of contact should be the NZ Police. They are experienced and resourced to deal with these situations and have the authourity to intervene if needed. You should also notify your nearest CYFs (Child Youth and Family Services).